Individualised tailored programme

Confidence coaching empowers you to become the individual and live the life you have always desired. 

We work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke coaching programme tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.


There is no pre-planned programme, but instead, it is about keeping you at the centre of your confidence journey, by curating an acceleration strategy to meet your unique goals and visions.


Our proven and tested coaching acceleration formula is integrated with psychology-based principles and best practices, to assist you in harnessing and unleashing your full potential. To feel bold, confident, and able to unapologetically go after the life and career best aligned to your authentic self. 

We offer two acceleration coaching programmes:

- Self-confidence acceleration 
- Career acceleration  

Your individualised PROGRAMME IS tailored using 5 key steps:


Step 1 

Coaching discovery call 

Book your free 30 minutes discovery call to assess if coaching is right for you. A chance for your coach to learn more about aspirations and vision. For you to learn more about this programme and your prospective coach's style. 


You can also explore the best coaching package for you. We offer 6, 10 and 12 session coaching packages. 

Step 2


I use a blend of assessment approaches to identify your needs, key blocks and barriers, aspirations, and goals. Assessments will include: 

  • Psychology based tests (psychometrics)

  • 1:1 conversational assessment

  • Reflective questionnaires for you to complete


SteP 3

your unique acceleration plan 

The data points collected during the assessment phase (step 2) will be transformed into your own ‘acceleration plan’.


This plan will clearly highlight your core needs and goals, and how each coaching session will accelerate your goal achievement.

SteP 4


Each 50 minutes coaching session will be executed to meet your individual style and preferences, identified during step 2. 


The bespoke nature of the programme means we are continually reflecting on your plan,  and adapting in response to your success or changing and evolving needs.  All content, activities, and exercises are tailored to your individual goals and session focus. 

* Bonus: You will also receive optional further reflective work at the end of each session, to maximise your learning between sessions.


SteP 5


The final session will be focused on safeguarding core learning developed through coaching.


Then using reflective techniques, support you in planning and generating more momentum, to continue your acceleration post programme. So you maintain and continue growing your boldness, confident and potential post programme.



Throughout your coaching journey, your coach will be assessing your progress and mapping your key development.  At the end of the programme, you will receive a free high-level progress report.


What will it contain?

Your progress report will highlight your growth using a measurable method, so you can numerically see your changes. Showcasing your behavioural changes and key milestones and successes achieved.  Providing you with a clear picture of your return on investment.

Benefits of approach 

  1. An individualised plan to accelerate your confidence and goal attainment. Followed by coaching based on your identified needs and curated for you to succeed. 

  2. A safe and culturally sensitive environment for you to build your confidence. 

  3. Deep self-awareness and knowledge of yourself, your path, and the support needed to take bold and courageous action. 

  4. Working directly with a professional and Masters in Science degree accredited psychology-based Coach. Who is also an accredited member of the EMCC  (professional membership body that quality assesses and benchmark best practices for professional Coaches and Mentors) . 

  5. Accountability and a personal  champion and supporter, to assist you in creating systems & processes to maximise your performance and outcomes.

ready for change?

We believe readiness is typically followed up with action.


If you like what you heard above, why not take your first step towards your accelerating your confidence by booking a free 30 minutes discovery call with us.  This is your chance to learn more about the above programme or start your journey of change.


  We look forward to hearing from you.