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Create a 'Confident You'.

 Use this workshop to identify your strongest confidence traits. To feel able to showcase your best self.



The great thing about these workshops they are all 1-2 hours long, so perfect for a lunch and learn session, during an event or diversity month timetable such as black history month or international woman's day. 


Building Emotional Resilience


It’s impossible to live a full and purposeful life without being impacted by hardships.

But why are some people able to thrive, succeed, and survive, whilst others are unable to cope? The answer is Emotional Resilience. 

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Designed to equip black women with the tools

needed to level up their confidence.


To start the process of ‘feeling’ and ‘being’ more successful in your personal & professional life.


I Said No! 

Do you find it hard to say no, or being firm in what you believe in?  

Learn how to choose and set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life.

Grow your assertiveness, self-care, and values. 


If you are interested in Potential Path hosting a workshop for your company, please complete the enquire form below to get the ball rolling. The good news is we are able to present or adapt workshops to meet organisational needs. 


Thank you for enquiring about our workshops. You will hear from us within 1-3 days. Speak very soon and have a lovely day.