Finally! Psychology based Confidence Coaching specialised in empowering women of colour to develop unstoppable confidence in their lives and careers. 


As a Diversity and Inclusion Expert specialised in identifying and upskilling diverse leaders. I am confronted daily with staggering data and research highlighting the inequalities and professional barriers experienced by women of colour. With the data worsening for women from a Black ethnic background, the LGBT+ community, or with a disability. 


I am consistently attuned to the narrations of women of colour explaining their exhaustion of having to code-switch, tackle microaggressions and un/conscious biases, live with imposture syndrome, be the spokesperson for their culture, or simply feeling 'tokenised' or 'othered'.


As a woman of colour myself, I can relate and understand the impact may not always be instant or conscious. But over time has the ability to erode the self-confidence and belief needed to lead a purposeful, strategic, and prosperous life. 


However, even with these facts, it is possible to live a life of confidence. If you want to unleash your potential and become your greatest self? Then Confidence Coaching may be the answer your seek. I use coaching psychology and positive psychology models and theories to provide coaching services that allow you to become your best self.   

Get ready to experience personal and professional success, joy, and happiness.


Empowering you to take ownership of your development and become resourceful, in designing a life and career you love. You will gain the confidence, clarity, motivation, and strategy needed to assist you in living an unapologetic and full life, free from limitations and barriers.

Coaching is a nondirective approach that uses strategic questioning to create a space for you to reflect and become your own advisor. Coaching at its core is a goal attainment intervention. Coaching unlocks a person's potential and maximise their performance by focusing on learning rather than teaching (Whitmore, 2004).


Improve your self-esteem & confidence. 

Find your voice and assert it.

Take strategic actions. 

Accelerate your career.

Live life your way​.

Gain self-awareness. 

Prioritise yourself. 

Increase your boldness.


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