Programmes to support you in creating an inclusive culture and growing leaders committed to anti-racism and racial inclusion.

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The 2015 Business in the Community survey found that people felt more comfortable having conversations around age, gender and sexuality at work only 38% of participants felt comfortable speaking about race,  regardless of ethnicity (BITC 2019; BITC 2015).  This highlights a need to equip people with techniques to feel confident, competent, and comfortable to speak about race at work.  


This workshop will provide practical tools and a safe space, to challenge self-perception, others, and the status quo of organisational practices. This workshop will take your senior leadership team and workforce through a journey of:

  • Understanding racial inequalities and inequities. 

  • Uncovering personal fears and limitations to having these conversations. 

  • Exploring the concept of race, including own racial identity. 

  • Developing tools and techniques to have conversations about race at work. 

  • Learning pitfalls and techniques to manage conversations. 

  • Actually speaking about race, in a safe and open environment. 


The programme is blended into three parts:

  • Two half-day virtual yet interactive workshops

  • One personal reflective week  - activities curated to maximise learning between workshops


Many organisations since the George Flloyd incident in 2020 have made a commitment towards or branded themselves as an anti-racist organisation.

But do your employees and clients truly know what it means?  Do they know the behaviours, attitudes, and actions needed to truly become anti-racist at work?


This introductory workshop will upskill your employees to start the process of: 

  • Understanding racism at work: what is it,  different forms, and impacts.

  • Learn about the inequalities and inequities experienced by ethnic minorities in society and the workplace.

  • The fundamentals of anti-racism: what is it and actions and behaviors required. 

  • Becoming empowered to challenge racism in themselves, others, and in the workplace and society.

  • Make a personal commitment and plan to become truly anti-racist. 

  • Question concepts and thoughts in a safe space free of shame, embarrassment, and silly questions. 


One half-day virtual workshop, providing educational yet engaging information. 

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