Why I do this? 

"I wanted women to live full out and unapologetically become their best selves". 

My passion for coaching women arose after speaking to several women who felt they had to compromise their 'aspirations' and believe their limiting beliefs. I realised that the key to living the life and career you want is having the confidence to go after it and know, you are deserving of these things. When I realised confidence, something that I myself had to undertake 

Myself and my team are ready to support you in becoming your best and realising your potential unapologetically. 

As a Diversity and Inclusion and Career Development expert; I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to empower women to live full out, unlock their potential, and unapologetically become their best selves with confidence and intention. 


  • Education: Masters in Science (MSc) in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

  • Specialised: Integrating evidence-based psychology theories and models into coaching techniques.

  • Membership: European Mentoring and Coaching Council - adhering to benchmarks and quality standards. 

  • Coaching: Professionally since 2017. 

  • Coaching Programme Manager: Trained and upskilled aspiring coaches to use coaching skills to raise the confidence and aspirations of others. 


  • Talent & Senior Leaders Performance Manager: Specialise in creating diverse & strong talent pipelines and nurturing  the potential in BAME staff using an inclusive talent development approach. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for the Mayor of London: Expert in race equity initiatives and Talent Management of staff from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

  • Employment Services Deputy Manager: Managed four nationwide Employment Services

  • Public Speaking Trainer: Speakers Trust and taught over 600 delegates how to speak with to large crowds with confidence and conviction. 

  • Co-Chaired National Network: A Business in the Community award-winning BAME Network.

  • Service Manager: Career Development and Employability Service within a University.

  • Career Development Specialist: Designed, implemented, and operated a Career Progression Service. 

My Approach

I use an array of coaching psychology and positive psychology techniques. Integrated with evidence-based diversity, and inclusion and talent best practices and recommendations. I also draw from my lived experiences of being a women of colour myself to provide coaching and training services that allow women of colour to unearth their potential and reveal their inner confidence. 


  • Humanistic Coaching 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching 

  • Behavioural Coaching 

  • Strengths-Based Coaching 

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • S.B.I Approach 


  • High emotional intelligence and intuition

  • Topic knowledge and lived experience

  • Energy and passion

  • Warmth and empathy