Imagine your clients or employees on a development journey with other individuals who understand their ambitions, fears and are ready to support them in becoming self-assured, bold, and dynamic. 


Visualise what they can achieve if they were free from impostor syndrome, the grips and limitation of fear, and doubts of their ability.  Whom would they be? 


We can help your high potential talent from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds to harness their *positive psychological capital and believe in the potential of their aspirations.  With this mindset what would their leadership potential be?  How far can they grow?  What opportunities would they feel confident and able to walk into?  

 The Ignite programme is not only about accelerating potential, but also allowing your employees or clients to become their best selves.  To be able to unleash their self-belief and internal resources needed to be dynamic, bold, and self-assured.  Thus, able to lead with authenticity, purpose and resilience.


A proven formula to support the career and confidence acceleration of your future leaders in just 12 weeks. 


Positive psychological capital (PsyCap) is an individual’s positive psychological state of development that is characterised by: (1) having confidence (efficacy) to take on and put in the necessary effort to succeed at challenging tasks. (2) making a positive attribution (optimism) about succeeding now and in the future. (3) persevering toward goals and, when necessary, redirecting paths to goals (hope) in order to succeed; and (4) when beset by problems and adversity, sustaining and bouncing back and even beyond (resilience) to attain success (Youssef-Morgan, Siewert & Luthans, 2018). 


The programme focuses on learning through reflecting, as opposed to teaching.  Creating an environment of personal and group mastery and growth. 
This programme uses a blend of coaching methodologies, positive psychology-based activities and action learning sets. To provide your employees or clients with an opportunity to skyrocket their confidence and potential. 


Each delegate will:

  • Attend 12 weekly, half-day group coaching sessions.

  • Two 60 minutes individually tailored executive coaching sessions with an accredited and quality assured Leadership Development Coach. 

  • Peer accountability - matched another member from the group to support and encourage delegates, to stay motivated & accomplish actions outside the group. 


The programme consists of five modules that will build the aspirations, confidence, and *positive psychological capital of your future leaders. 

Modules one:  Self-awareness - Understanding personal, professional, and brand identity.

Module two:     Hope -  Developing my vision and increasing visibility. 

Module three: Optimism - Identifying and harnessing my character strengths, values, and leadership brand.  

Module four:  Resilience - O
vercoming low confidence and limiting beliefs, such as perfectionism, imposture syndrome, and expertism. Developing self-care and compassion. 

Module five:   Efficacy - Creating my career strategy, building emotional intelligence, and clarifying your immediate next steps. 

This programme will encourage you to stretch and step out of your comfort zone.  Inspire you to be bold in moving forward your career. 


Our programmes can be delivered to meet your organisational needs. We facilitate the 'Ignite programme' adjusted to meet the needs of your women groups:

  • Self-identifying women from ethnic minority backgrounds.

  • Self-identifying women from Black and Mixed-race of Black heritage backgrounds. 

The 'group' you select would typically align with your organisational equity and diversity priorities. If you are selecting to improve the representation of an identified underrepresented group, we can also support you in highlighting and justifying how our programme aligns with the Equality Act 2010, as a positive action measure.


Potential Path believes in paying forward. So with every corporate coaching programme purchased. One woman from a lower social-economical background, who would greatly benefit from confidence coaching will be offered 6 individualised coaching sessions. 

Be part of the change by helping Potential Path upskill your talent, whilst positively helping someone less able to afford to coaching, gain access.


To find out more about the programme and book yourself a place on the next cohort or your organisation a course. Click the button and complete a short enquire form.