Programmes & workshops to support you in creating an inclusive culture and growing leaders committed to racial inclusion. There is scope to tailor existing workshops or design new workshops to organisational needs. 

Board Meeting


The 2015 Business in the Community survey (BITC 2015) found that people felt more comfortable having conversations around age, gender and sexuality at work. But, only 38% of surveyed participants felt comfortable speaking about race,  regardless of ethnicity (BITC 2019; BITC 2015).  This highlights a need to facilitate conversations that encourage and empower employees to push past discomfort to comfortability, confidently and competently speak about race at work. 


This workshop will provide practical tools and a safe space, to challenge self-perception and the status quo of organisational practices. Furthermore,  make a commitment towards building a racially diverse culture. Where all people, including those from underrepresented racial backgrounds, can bring their best and whole selves to work.


Two half-day workshops, to take your senior leadership team or workforce through a journey of:

  • Understanding racial inequalities and inequities. 

  • Developing tools to have conversations about race.

  • Uncovering personal fears and limitations to having these conversations. 

  • Exploring the concept of race, including own racial identity. 

  • Actually having a facilitated conversation around race. 

One hour lunch and learn 

A condensed workshop can also be facilitated as a one hour lunch and learn. This workshop focuses on educating your workforce on practical tools to start conversations about race. 

Many employees see themselves as allies to women of color—but they aren’t taking enough action.

(McKinsey & Company, 2020) 


Black women are regularly depicted in the media and society, as ‘Angry’, ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Sassy’. Is this true? What is the impact? 


Come along and learn about how this stereotype can impact Black women in the workplace and society. It is hoped this will begin the much needed conversation around breaking down and dispelling this inaccurate myth. So Black Women can bring their true and best selves to work and be able to flourish as individuals in society.

This will be a safe space to learn, discuss, and challenge this myth.

This workshop can be delivered as a lunchtime (one hour)  or half-day  (3 hours) workshop. 

Confident Businesswoman

When women are well represented at the top, companies are 50 percent more likely to outperform their peers.


(Inclusion Matters Report, 2018)

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79% of Employees from Black Heritage Backgrounds feel they have to conceal & hide aspects of themselves at work. 


(Yoshino & Smith, 2013)


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