Do you want to accelerate your confidence in just 12 weeks? 


The UK's first psychology-based confidence group coaching programme, specifically designed to skyrocket the confidence and self-esteem of black women in just 12 weeks. 


Imagine being in a group, on a development journey with other women who understands your pains, fears and but ready to take action to live a life of dynamic boldness and confidence. Furthermore, visualise finally being free of impostor syndrome, the grips of fear, not feeling enough or worthy, and the limitations of low self-esteem and racing negative thoughts. What would your life be like? What can you now achieve?


 This group is not only about accelerating and becoming your best self, but also unleashing your potential, to have the self-belief to go after the life and career you desire in a dynamic, bold, and self-assured way.  Whist being in a group where you will be 'seen', 'heard', 'held', and 'honored'  just the way you are now, as you grow into whom you want to become. 


12-week group coaching programme dedicated to your growth and development. 


  •  Achieving success & accomplishing your goals.

  •  Affordable coaching.

  •  Be inspired b & network with aspirational women.

  •  Group accountability & peer learning.

  •  Small group to maintain safety, focus, and morale.



  1. Leveling up your confidence & self-esteem.

  2. Finding your voice and setting boundaries.

  3. Identifying and harnessing the power of your strengths, personality type & values. 

  4. Overcoming imposture syndrome & self-sabotaging behaviors. 

  5. Learn how to say 'no' to others and 'yes' to yourself. 

  6. Reframing limiting beliefs and overcoming imposture syndrome. 

  7. Using the level-up formula to achieve your life & career goals.