Confidence can be a barrier to reaching your next level, transitioning into a new profession, or become the senior leader you know you deserve to be.  Career confidence is about accelerating your confidence to a point where doubts, fears, and challenges become fuel to go after the job, profession, or paycheck you desire.


Whether it is a new job, £10k+ increase, or progression to a senior position. We are here to help and you got this!



Personalised coaching tailored based on your assessed and specific needs. This means there is no pre-planned method or formula. Instead, it is about keeping you in the centre of your career success and progression. With the goal of providing you an individualised roadmap to achieve your authentic career aspirations with confidence and purpose.



  1. Resolving your fears and mental blocks. 

  2. Gaining career clarity - decipher your next steps. 

  3. Resolving limitations -  imposure syndrome, the expert dynamic and perfectionism.

  4. Enhancing your unique leadership style.

  5. Overcoming mental barriers and blocks. 

  6. Growing dynamic confidence and self-esteem.

  7. Being bold and taking action.

  8. Harnessing your personality, values and strengths.

  9. Setting boundaries and assert yourself. 

  10. Establishing work to life balance.


  • Gain clarity and set purposeful & efficient goals.

  • Accountability and a personal champion & supporter. 

  • Assistance in creating systems & processes to maximise your performance and outcomes. 

  • Develop deep self-awareness.

  • Employability support - CV, Linkedin, interview, and application support. 


  • Tailored coaching plan based on your identified needs.

  • End of coaching report card - to highlight your growth in a measurable way. Revealing your return on investment.

  • Unlimited access to 'me' in and out of sessions via text and emails.

  • Other special additions which you may require, bespoke to your individual journey. 


50 minutes virtual video or telephone coaching sessions delivered weekly or fortnightly.


 Package 1: 6 Coaching   Sessions

Package 2: 12 Coaching Sessions 

Package 3: 24 Coaching Sessions

If you are ready for change and want to find out how confidence coaching can assist you in taking ownership over your confidence journey.


Get in touch now and for a free career confidence discovery call.