Coaching is a nondirective approach that uses strategic questioning to create a space for you to reflect and become your own advisor. Coaching at its core is a goal attainment intervention. Coaching unlocks a person's potential and maximise their performance by focusing on learning rather than teaching (Whitmore, 2004).

Session Format:

Virtual or telephone coaching sessions delivered fortnightly.

Practices are integrated with Coaching Psychology research, to ensure you achieve your desired result. 


Confidence coaching empowers you to 'level up' and unlock your best self,

to unapologetically reach your next level. 

Key Ambitions of Confidence Coaching:

1-Unleash your 'Confident Self'.

2- Build a life you love. 

Confidence Coaching Will:

Uncover your limiting beliefs.

Teach you how to assert yourself.

Discover your leadership style.

Identify your barriers and blocks.

Understand your confidence preference.

Identify your strengths. 

Enhance your resilience and charisma.

Learn to love yourself again.

Book your free coaching discovery session, to find out how confidence coaching

can change your life.  



High-quality career coaching tailored to your specific needs.  

Coaching Areas:

- Career Confidence

- Career Clarity 

- Career Management Planning 

- Career Transition 

- Work to Life Balance 

Book your free coaching discovery session, to find out how Career Coaching can support

you in accelerating your career.




Introductory Coaching Discovery Session


Singular Coaching Session



Special Offer - Block of 6 Coaching Sessions

£420 (£60 Savings) 

Confidence Group Coaching (4- 6 individuals per group) 

£300 per 6 sessions package (£50 per session)

Payments can be made in full or in installments. 


Reduced cost coaching is offered to a small number of people who would greatly benefit from coaching, but due to financial restraints may not be able to access the service. Working with Corporate companies passionate about giving back has meant we are able to significantly reduce the cost for a small number of individuals. So the barrier of finances is greatly reduced. 

Block of 3 Coaching Sessions


Block of 6 Coaching Sessions



Please note this opportunity is prioritised for people who are unemployed, receive public assistance (benefits), or from a low-income background. The aim is to provide coaching to people who would greatly benefit, but finances may be a barrier to accessing the service. 



To be considered for this opportunity you will need to fill in an application form. To find out more about this offer, space availability, and the application process, please email Please apply if you feel you may greatly benefit from this offer.

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